Beulah Embree Sanford

Tennessee’s first daughter, Beulah, was the primary audience for her diary. Born May 4, 1865, Beulah is the reason her mother began the diary, writing because she thought it might be interesting for her daughter to read in future years. Tennessee held great hopes and deep concerns for her daughter, but always worked to ensure her daughter would be independent, personally as well as economically. Tennessee remained concerned about her daughter’s “pleasant” nature but her efforts to ensure her daughter’s education and financial independence are also constant themes in the diary.

Beulah Embree attended Baylor College for Women in Independence, Texas and completed her education at the Columbia Atheneum in Tennessee. Her talents in music and art provided her the career with which her mother hoped she would be economically independent. Beulah married John A. Sanford in 1887 and had five children, Erma (1888), John (1890), Russell (1893), Leland (1897)–all born in Belton– and Beulah “Little Bea” (1906), born in Mount Park, Oklahoma.

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  1. 2009 June 18th
    -This Embree Diaries is very interesting reading. I don’t know if
    I’am in your same family line but your never know. I have been
    gathering info in regards to my family history - and found that
    alot is already out there [Embree Footprints - #1 by R. Ambler].
    -My family came from West Farms, Westchester N.Y.-left for Nova
    Scotia about 1785 and we have been here ever since.
    Regard: Paul Embree

  2. Paul, Amy said she gave you my name and email.We can write through here if you like so other might add something to what we say. Not sure on the relation. You posted under Beulah. Did that name ring a bell? She was my grandfather Leland Sanford’s mother.

  3. My grandmother was Beulah Sanford Lary. She is known as Little Bea in the pictures above, I believe. I have just recently started to go through our family notes and pictures to understand my father’s mother’s family history. This looks like an amazing piece of research and work that has gone into this book.

  4. Hi Lee Ann. I am Leland Sanford’s grandaughter. I got in touch with Melinda and hope to hear back. I hope you all can go to the book signing. I plan to go. If not i hope we can get in touch. My mom was Betty Sanford. Your dad knows who she is. This whole thing happened so unexpectedly. Would love to tell you about it and give you girls some pics if you want.
    Hope to hear back through here, email, or I am on face book.

  5. Lee Ann.
    I wrote about your dad knowing mom. I know he passed away.Mom did too.
    I wrote you a note on Face Book.

  6. I am the great (6 times) grand-daughter of sister Margaret Embree. I am so thankful that all of this family history has been kept all of these years and now is published. I am learning a lot thanks to my grandmothers facination with geneology. I am located in the same area that they all lived, so I am really excited to read about how different their lives were than mine, and how they all lived so many years ago.

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