Harvey Embree

Harvey Embree, the third child of Tennie and John, seemed to have disappeared from the family record. In the Embree/Pendleton Family history (gathered by Helen Nash), available in the genealogy collection at the Texas State Library, “died under mysterious circumstances” is handwritten next to his name in the family descendent chart.  Though we may not know what “mysterious circumstances” those were or whether there were any such circumstances, much more information came to light in the Betty Sanford Lockhart papers. Included in these papers were a Western Union Telegram to Dr. J. W. Embree, 903 Mercantile Bank BLDG, Dallas Texas stating: “Dr. Harvey Embree passed away three thirty this morning at 100 Hamilton Place. Wire if coming or not. Mrs. M Meade” and the burial slip for St. Michael’s Cemetery, Long Island City, New York indicating Harvey Embree was buried on May 1, 1928 in Grave 32, Range 10, Plot 7.

Additionally, Debbie Bauer revealed that the family knew Harvey had lived in New York with “Baron Von Schmidt” and had been buried with with him. Given this added information, I was able to locate Harvey Embree in the 1920 Census of New York. Listed as “Harry Ambree”, he is listed as living in the household of Arthur Husher (or Husker), 42, an Englishman, occupation “Hatter”. Additional members of the household included “companions”  Leo L. Schmidt, 63, from Denmark, occupation milliner (the likely Baron Von Schmidt);  Fred St. John, 80, from New York, retired; and Harry Ambree, 49, from Texas, occupation, physician.

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