Elisha and Nancy Embree

John’s parents, Elisha Embree, Sr. and Nancy Wilhoit Embree, remained in Cumberland County, Kentucky. The photographs of their homestead were taken in 1940 by Gillian Embree Creswell.

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  1. I was delighted to read the book Tandem Lives. The Embree’s were my great-great-great-great grandparents. Their daughter Margaret, sister to John W. and Elisha Jr. was my great-great-grandmother. She is mentioned in the book multiple times as “Aunt Margaret”. your book has helped me learn so much about our family. Much information was unknown to me as my great-grandfather James Moore Breedlove died when he was a young man. My grandmother was a young child. She talked about staying with her grandparents at cedar Creek and attended school there. I located graves of Margaret Embree Graves & Andrew Jackson Embree at the old MidwAY cEMETARY I have been searching for photo’s or any info on this part of the family for 2-3 yrs. I so appreciate the information that was donated to the Belton Museum and have just found your website. i am thrilled to find this info. do you have any information on Margaret Embree Graves or Mary Chilton Graves Breedlove( Margaarets Daughter)?

  2. 2 Apr 2013

    I am sorry but I just found this entry as I was searching for information on Russell Embree and his death so I have no idea when you asked for information on Margaret Embree Graves and Mary Chilton Graves Breedlove. I hope it gets to you and is of help.

    Margaret Embree, daughter of Elisha Breedlove and Nancy Wilhoit, married Benjamin Walter Graves 19 Jan 1832 in Kentucky. Their daughter Mary Chilton married William French Breedlove 22 Nov 1854 in Bell, Texas. Their daughter Dora Louise married william Reily Shipp 8 Dec 1872 in Bell, Texas. Their daughter Sarah Louise married my grandfather Robert Jones 8 Dec 1898 in Lampases, Texas. Their son Robert Elton, my father married my mother 14 Oct 1933in Lubbock Tex.

    Since we have the same 4th greatgrand parents that makes us cousin some time removed. I hope this helps. I would like to keep in contact and I am happy to share wht I have on this line.

    Bob Jones

  3. Bob, your information list Margaret’s parents incorrectly. Her father is Elisha Embree, Sr. and her mother is Nancy Wilhoit Embree. Margaret is the sister of John W. Embree and and Elisha Embree, Jr.

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