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May 4, 2010

This Ning Network will no longer be available. Ning is phasing out free networks and this network has been deleted.

3 Responses to “ Embree Diaries Network ”

  1. Hi Amy,
    My brother, Taylor, is in contact with you. Look forward to seeing everything you have on our family (Helen Frances Embree being our great-grandmother). I’ve been on ancestry.com for some time. I’ll merge your tree’s info to mine now that I know you’ve done the research. What’s your ancestry tree name?
    We only have one of the four of Helen’s diaries. Does anyone else in the family know the whereabouts of the other three?
    I used to correspond with my Aunt Ariana quite a bit. Can’t believe it was only my great-grandfather who was in the Civil War (George C.) .

    Thanks for sharing the work!

  2. Hi Margo. Amy told me about you and i looked back on Ancestry.com and you and I corresponded in Sept. last yr. You said you did not think we were related. My Mom, Betty Lockhart corresponded with helen and she got the book. Mom was Betty Sanford, daughter of Leland, granddaughter of Beulah.
    Just wanted to let you know.

  3. This is Steve Pendleton, son of George C., grandson of Edmund, great-grandson of George C., and great-great grandson of Elisha and Helen. I believe that we have one of Helen’s diaries. It’s in excellent condition. It’s been along time since I rtead it, but it talks about Helen’s time as a teenager in Kentucky(?)

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