Update: Russell’s Murder

After the book-signing in Belton, Rick Miller began investigating Russell Embree’s murder in the court records. I have just received the information and will post the documents from the court as soon as they are scanned.

Miller included a brief article from the Galveston Daily News, dated Monday March 13, 1893 (page 2):


Russell Embree Shot to Death by Deputy Marshal Joe Mayes

BELTON, TX, March 12–

Between 12 and 1 o’clock this morning, Deputy City Marshal Joe Mayes shot and killed Russell Embree on the sidewalk of the Buckhorn saloon. Russell Embree and John E. Hammersmith had a short time before been quarreling with Joe Mayes in the Buckhorn saloon. Strong and insulting language has passed and some threats were made. Mayes shot twice, on ball entering near the middle of the breast and the other near the right nipple. Embree staggered, fell, and died without speaking. An examination of Embree’s clothing after death showed that he was unarmed. His body was taken to the residence of his father, Dr. J. W. Embree. He was buried this afternoon. The largest procession ever seen in Belton followed the body to the grave.

After the shooting Mayes went to the jail and surrendered to Deputy Sheriff W. P. Donman and was locked up, where he now is. The examining trial will be held Tuesday. The killing has caused considerable [illegible word] about town to-day. Both parties have a large number of friends.

I am currently working on posting the PDF’s of the Habeas Corpus evidence hearing.

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